• The First LIVE Trivia Game Show Celebrating Fandom & Pop-Culture

    Here Are Just A Few Of The Many Reasons You Don't Want To Miss Last Fan Standing

    The Only Live Game Show Created Exclusively For Fans

    Born from the world of Comic-Con, Last Fan Standing is an interactive trivia quest built from four primary pillars of content, that include:


    • Fantasy

    • Horror

    • Sci-Fi

    • Superheroes

    Not your average quiz show or trivia contest, Last Fan Standing tests your knowledge about the things that really matter. Brought to life as a live game show, it's the ultimate test of pop culture and fandom.

    Bruce Campbell: The Grooviest Of Hosts

    Bruce Campbell: Your Hero, our host. Well, he's our hero too!


    From his turn as Ash in the classic 80’s Evil Dead horror movie series, to his seven-seasons on Burn Notice, to the reprisal of his iconic character in Starz’ Ash vs. Evil Dead, Bruce Campbell has long been a fanboy favorite—and part of the braintrust behind Last Fan Standing.


    And it’s easy to see why: his sharp, self-deprecating wit has made his Comic Con panels top draws for years.

    It's A Game Show Experience Everyone Gets To Play

    Last Fan Standing gives the entire audience the chance to play along and qualify to be on stage—and attempt to be The Last Fan Standing.


    Through provided "audience response devices" (Clickers if you insist on getting technical), all audience members participate in a series of multiple choice questions, where the players with the fastest-correct answers advance to the Podium Rounds.

    The Podium Rounds bring the top four (4) players from the audience to a winner-take-all battle of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Superheroes, and Horror based trivia. After each round the player with the lowest score is eliminated, until there is only one....Last Fan Standing!

  • Last Fan Standing 2018 Tour dates & Locations

    Do You Have With It Takes To Be Last?


    The Paramount

    Wednesday, 10/10/18


    The Oriental Theater

    Wednesday, 10/31/18

    Seattle, WA

    Benaroya Hall

    Friday, 11/2/18


    Lane Events Center

    Saturday, 11/10/18


    Liberty Hall

    Thursday, 11/15/18


    Rialto Theatre

    Saturday, 11/17/18


    The Van Buren

    Monday, 11/19/18


    The Troubadour

    Tuesday, 12/11/18

  • HOW It all WORKS


    Select A Show

    This first step is critical. Check out 2018 Tour Dates, find a show, and get your tickets. Leave your cares behind, and get ready be a "Game Show Contestant!"


    Get Your Game On

    Everyone in the audience gets to play, so get your "clicker" and limber up those fingers. It's time for The Audience Response Round with 25 multiple-choice questions. The top four (4) players with the fastest "right" answers advance to the Podium Round. Will you?


    Podium Round

    The top four players battle it out with one round of multiple-choice questions and one speed round. After each speed round, the player with the lowest score is eliminated, until there are two players left.


    The Final Confrontation

    After the first two Podium Rounds of play, the top two players compete head-to-head in what has been best described as "a dramatic trivia quest" to see who truly is the master of their domain, and the Last Fan Standing.


    Return Your Clicker

    So, you can now add "Game Show Contestant" to your resume. Yet before leaving, please return your "clicker". While cool devices, they are not meant to be souvenirs. We trust you understand and appreciate your help.


    Stay Connected

    Know that you are always welcome at any Last Fan Standing show (unless you were "that guy/gal" and aren't welcome back for obvious reason). Either way, stay in touch and stay tuned for future installments of this groovy game show!

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  • Behind the podium: Meet the guys who make this happen

    Bruce Campbell

    • Comic-Con God, Actor, Director, Author

    • Host, Co-Creator, Executive Producer

    Steve Sellery

    • CEO, Iconic Media Group, Inc.

    • Showrunner, Co-Creator, Executive Producer

    Philip Van Munching

    • New York Times Best Selling Author

    • Co-Creator, Executive Producer

    Robby Roberts

    • Senior Producer

    • Director of Game Play

    Craig Newman

    • Super-Agent

    • Vice President/Head of Performing Arts Dept., APA

    Craig "Kif" Sanborn

    • Creative Consultant

    • Graphic Designer

    Slade Sellery

    • Associate Producer

    • Game Play Supervisor